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Milwaukee Area JobRide Collaborative 2010 Outcomes

Employ Milwaukee performs many important roles that help make the regional employment connections between employers and job seekers possible. Many Milwaukee County residents who lack reliable and / or affordable transportation cannot secure employment at jobs located in suburban communities. Usually suburban companies not served by public transportation cannot tap into the available pools of labor located in the urban heart of Milwaukee County. To address this issue Employ Milwaukee provided leadership and coordinated with Milwaukee Careers Cooperative and Esperanza Unida in forming the Milwaukee Area JobRide Collaborative (MAJC) managed by Milwaukee Careers Cooperative to operate the MAJC Jobride Shuttle Van Service in Milwaukee that provides employment transportation solutions to close this gap between job seekers and suburban employers partially funded by the Wisconsin Employment Transportation Assistance Program (WETAP) .

MAJC JobRide provides safe, reliable and affordable transportation to and from suburban work sites not served by fixed-route public transportation for job ready residents of Milwaukee. Employers are direct partners with the Milwaukee Area JobRide Collaborative. MAJC coordinates service with other transportation providers currently providing services in the region and makes referrals as part of the Mobility Management services. Van service includes:

  • Transportation of workers to and from job sites for all three shifts, seven days per week.
  • A "Guaranteed Ride Home" in case of emergencies, such as illness, injury or family emergency.
  • Transportation to and from job interviews, pre-employment physicals and testing, drug screening and other pre-employment activities related to obtaining a job via the Job Centers. UMOS, YWCA, Employ Milwaukee & Job Service are MAJC Job Center partners.
  • Covers employer work sites within a 45 mile radius of Milwaukee.

WETAP transit funding and employer/rider fees along with the required local match from WIA, WP, FSET, CDBG and W-2 funded services generated the following outcomes for calendar 2010:

  • 329 people obtained jobs, up 306% from 81 in 2009
  • 984 people retained jobs, up 19.6% from 823 in 2009
  • 30,109 one way job trips were provided, up 14.7% from 26,243 in 2009
  • 10,446 hours of service were provided, up 17.3% from 8,908 in 2009
  • 253,538 miles were traveled providing the job trips, up 21.5% from 208,692 in 2009

In 2010, the following organizations actually operated vans providing MAJC JobRide services:

  • Milwaukee Careers Cooperative
  • Esperanza Unida
  • Foundations LLC
  • Oby Transportation LLC