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Milwaukee Careers Cooperative believes in empowerment by partnership. Job-seekers often need the extra support and encouragement provided by a one-on-one relationship. Such a relationship nurtures a sense of common mission and purpose and fosters an understanding that productive steps will be taken to help the job-seeker meet his/her goals.

At Milwaukee Careers Cooperative volunteers have the opportunity to give that support in various ways:

Supplementing staff resources and experiences by:

  • assisting job-seekers in developing a cover letter and resume;
  • showing individuals how to use resources;
  • practicing interviewing techniques with the job-seeker;
  • assisting the account executives with telemarketing and follow-up practices

Providing specialized job expertise by:

  • Offering tutoring for the basic skills needed in the workplace, such as computer training, dressing

Appropriations and budgeting:

  • Speaking/facilitating “Job Ready” workshops

Giving that personal touch by:

  • Transporting individuals to job interviews.

Assisting in special events by:

  • Completing special projects/mailings as needed


Milwaukee Careers Cooperative provides orientation for volunteers to help them gain a better understanding of the organization. Orientation enables volunteers to see how their specific activity fits within the overall framework of the agency. It also shows them how they can contribute to the agency’s mission.

Orientations are held Monday - Thursday mornings. Volunteers may attend an orientation session any day that is convenient for them. After orientation, volunteers return for one-on-one training in their areas of interest. This training is designed to empower volunteers to become autonomous.