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Milwaukee Careers Cooperative differs from other employment agencies because of its not-for-profit status. Although it is mostly self-supporting through sales generated by its temporary employment division, the Cooperative seeks funding annually for many of the support services it provides to its job-seekers. These services include transportation, training and permanent placement. The Cooperative receives financial contributions from the following sources.


The State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation-Wisconsin Employment Transortation Assistance Program supports MCC’s van services, which operate 365 days a year and transports workers to and from jobs in the suburbs that lie outside the reach of the public transportation system. The State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Family Services, provides funds to operate a Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project at MCC that helps extremely low income people without a recent work history to obtain employment. The City of Milwaukee Community Development Block Grant Program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, supports the placement of individuals in permanent jobs for which MCC does not receive a fee from employers. The Milwaukee Area Technical College utilizes Department of Education funds to support the operation of a Learning Lab at MCC.


Milwaukee Careers Cooperative has received grants from several local foundations including the Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Glenn and Gertrude Humphrey Foundation, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and the Helen Bader Foundation.


Several large corporations in the city also support the Cooperative’s mission of finding jobs for the urban poor, especially those who have been chronically unemployed and underemployed.


Companies have also helped the Cooperative by providing in-kind gifts such as furniture from MGIC and IBM Corporation, office equipment from Techstaff, telemarketing stations from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and telephones from St. Rita’s Catholic Church. These valuable gifts enable MCC to create a work environment conducive to providing hope and encouragement to the people who are served.


Congregations of all denominations join MCC’s mission of helping the urban less-advantaged by contributing to the Cooperative through their Human Concerns or Social Justice Committees. Showing that our member congregations support our mission with donations is beneficial in obtaining other donations and providing matching funds that are required by some of our federally funded contracts.


Individuals who believe in MCC’s philosophy also contribute to the Cooperative’s fund-raising goal through donations.

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